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Certificates and membership


• SISPO • BIOKONT • ISO 9001 • ISO 14001


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• Fruits sold under this mark is made at a significantly reduced use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. • For pest and disease control are preferably used biological methods (birds, lady beetles, etc.). • Food safety is guaranteed by the fruits analysis of heavy metals. • Fruit production is controlled by the association SISPO. • The conditions of production areaccording to strict international standards. • The fruit is grown organically in low-emission areas. • The right to use the trademark is granted to growers for only one year.


Our company is also member of the “Integrated production program” . That is a high quality fruit production. Quality is achieved by organically growing methods to minimize side-effects of agrochemicals. Emphasis is placed on protection of human health and the environment (to ensure diversity of animal and plant species in the orchards and their surroundings). We cannot display this gallery  We cannot display this gallery  We cannot display this gallery We cannot display this gallery