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About us

Company Sady Klášterec nad Ohří Ltd. was founded in 1991 by transformation of the Státní statky Chomutov. We business in conditions of LFA North Bohemian border in suburban area of the town Klášterec nad Ohří. Growing fruit has in this area more than fifty years tradition. In nowadays we cultivate  174 hectares of land. Our main products are apples, further cherries, pears and plums. We produce fruit of high quality due to application of environmentally acceptable methods of cultivation. In the program of the integrated production SISPO we have 109 ha and in the ecological systém BIO 50 ha of orchards. In other areas undergoing land reclamation and preparation for new planting pear trees and cherry trees. Fruit are stored in refrigerated boxes with controlled atmosphere and sorted according to customer requirements. We supply customers throughout the Czech Republic and part of the production is exported to Germany.